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About Us
OFM (Oregon Farmers Mutual Telephone Company) is located in the northwest part of the state near Saint Joseph, Missouri. Early records indicated the company was organized in 1903, the company was incorporated in 1910. Ida Lenz Williams and C.E Williams lived in the telephone office until 1912.

In 1953, the company built a new building to house the common battery central office equipment and new business office. The town of Oregon was cut to common battery in 1953, and in 1960 the company secured an REA loan and set up new lines in the rural area replacing some farmer owned lines. At the same time, the Oregon Company starting serving the New Point area.

The Forest City area, a few miles west of Oregon, asked for service in 1960 and service was given. The Forest City area was connected into the Oregon system in 1962. The entire area of Oregon, New Point and Forest City were converted to a one party, one exchange service in 1976.

The Company’s switching facilities have kept pace with changing technology. Over the years OFM has installed state of the art equipment to provide its customers advanced telecommunications services. Our fiber network brings voice and internet services to rural subscribers and allows broadband services up to 10 Meg.

In the early 1980’s OFM and its affiliate South Holt Cable, began offering cable TV services. Between 2008 – 2010 Oregon and Forest City were upgraded from a 330 MgHz plant to over a 750 MgHz plant. This upgrade allowed South Holt Cable to add over 20 popular networks and digital music. We now offer over 35 digital channels and over 35 music channels.

IN 2004, OFM joined the Signal Telcom Partners family. Signal Telcom companies operate independently and maintain their local brand, management, customer service and their commitment to their community. OFM focuses on delivering the highest quality communications services available and keeping its customers connected to the world.